Get that boom boom bass! What you need for an epic car sound system

If you have decided to rig your car with good music then you don’t have to wait anymore as we are going to help you set up your own stereo or radio in no time. As there are not many brands available for this product it would not be a difficult decision to get the most popular system for your car. Different kinds of models are available for truck, van or SUV. So before a car radio installation one should get hold of the right radio and audio system suitable for the car. You are generally provided with a manual or at times even visual guide with instructions to help you in fitting a car radio. This will also have the instructions you require to uninstall the factory radio of the car.

The tools used for radio installations are easy to come by, most of which you’ll find at your house. If you can accumulate an antenna adapter along with an installation kit the process of installation becomes easier. Some of the necessary tools which will act as your car radio installers are standard metric sockets, electrical tape, flashlight, wire clippers, a flathead Philips screwdriver, wire cutters etc. For an amateur who is new to this kind of installation can take around 2 hours to accomplish this job. But it doesn’t matter if the set up is done without any flaw. ISO mountings would permit you to screw or install the radio in the existing radio socket. Be careful not to rip out or break any of the expensive dash pieces which are difficult to replace. After you have opened factory radio be sure to disconnect the terminal of negative battery. Be sure you check the harness of your vehicle wiring which must fit the stereo plug. The harness of your vehicle adapter should match the colours of the harness of the new radio, if so then you would have to strip around 1cm of plastic on the end of the wire with the help of a wire cutter and connect them just by matching the colours one by one. After the wires are connected, you just have to install the mounting sleeve of the radio and slide the radio in it to place it properly before checking if it is locked in the place. Make sure you have plugged the antenna and the harness into the radio and reinstall everything that you have removed from the dashboard. After reconnecting your vehicles terminal of the negative battery your car is ready with a brand new radio installed by you.

One of the most significant aspects of installing a radio in your car is the installation of the speakers. Even if you purchase one of the most costly speakers, they have to be properly installed for the maximum sound clarity. If the placement is faulty then the sound would not be up to the mark and the speaker does not perform as they should. At times right after installation one might experience problems related to vibration and other noise sources. To avoid such problems you can always take the help of the professional car audio installer.